Our main camp, Wycombevale is situated in the heart of the Eastern Cape, along the Sunshine Coast of Africa. Our nearest city and airport is Port Elizabeth, which is also known as the 'Friendly City' This area is malaria, balharzia and yellow fever free, giving you peace of mind without any compulsary vaccinations. 


The Eastern Cape has a moderate climate. It’s somewhat warm during summer months, between 60 to 100 degrees fahrenheit. The winters are quite crisp to cool in the early morning and late evening, while mildly warm during the day. The best recommended time for hunting is during the winter months. Winter daytime temperatures vary between 45 and 80 degrees fahrenheit, and 30 to 50 degrees fahrenheit during evenings.

As rain does not occur regularly, it does not create undue difficulties with hunting conditions. Snow is rarely encountered and usually only on the mountain peaks.


Bow HunterIt is advised to bring along at least three sets of hunting clothes, comprising of a few long and short sleeved shirts, long pants, sweaters and a jacket. Clothing should be made from a lightweight breathable material that is comfortable and natural in colour (khaki/green).

Camouflage is allowed in South Africa and is advisable for Bow Hunters.

A good pair of well worn hunting boots is essential. Also include some leisure wear for a day of shopping or to laze around camp when time allows it.



The following are some other essential items: Hat or cap, gloves, flashlight, knife, sunglasses, binoculars, camera with plenty of film. Insect repellant, spare batteries, sunscreen and chapstick. Before departure, make copies of all your documentation.


GPS Location : S33º 34.669 and E26º 01.352

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